Why Dips are so Tasty

The one thing that can be used to put taste in even the most drab of food items, like seasoned vegetables or breads or anything for that matter, are delicious dips. Yes, dips can be used to just instantly brighten up any dish, since they are able to add in the essential taste needed with the help of various sauces and other ingredients in it.

Sometimes guests can come over without prior notice and that is when these dips come in handy, one can just serve some chips and dip and voila instant snacks ready. Also, for kids serving snacks with dip is one of the easiest things to do.

The mayo sauce recipe in India is quickly catching on with the young crowd with most of them reaching for a jar of mayo or a combination of mayo with another sauce to keep in their fridge. For a party or a get together is acts brilliantly in keeping everyone satisfied.

And the list does not just end at mayo, one can also use pizza pasta sauce, as a dip. If one is out of salsa, then the pizza pasta sauce can work as wonderful alternative. And yes, these sauces usually have multiple uses, especially such kind of sauces can be used to make both a pizza or a pasta, or can even be had on its own.

The best part about this current trend of dips is that not only can they be had as condiments but also be used when preparing the dish, in the initial stages. And their versatile nature lets one use as much or as little as one wants or if they really want to get creative then even create a mash up of different sauces.


Cook Light And Eat Even Lighter

A diet rich in nutrients and balanced well coupled with physical activities is no doubt the foundation of good health. While bad eating habits are detrimental to your health, good eating habits help you maintain significant health and fitness. For those concerned about the weight issues, eating healthy is the key. Healthy eating revolves around including high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, rich fats, vitamins, minerals and water in optimum quantities while minimizing the processed foods, saturated fats and alcohol. Eating in a controlled and smart manner assists the body to function smoothly and reduces the risk to various diseases. But what if an expert advices you some easy sandwich recipes to aid you in eating healthy?!

Cremica  -  Pizza Pasta Sauce

Yes a sandwich which is healthy, mouth-wateringly delicious and makes you full!

While many think sandwiches are ideal for lunch and other light eats, the versatility which they have offer make them great for dinner too. Healthy-toppings on wheat-grain bread with a tangy sauce like a pizza pasta sauce complete and compensates for all your nutritional requirements. Here is how you can prepare a healthy sandwich:

-Healthy Bread Please!

Though white bread in moderate quantities is healthy but you can also choose from high-fibre whole wheat bread, multi-grain bread or high protein bread.

-Look for high-quality protein

The nutritional requirements of an individual vary from others and may depend on factors like sex, age and region. In addition to this the taste and flavors also differ from person to person. All you need to do is consider the taste and requirements. Blend these two well and you have discovered for yourself, your own personalized easy sandwich recipe. For good proteins you may pick from turkey, chicken, ham, hummus, peanut butter, cashew butter, tuna fish salad and chicken salad amongst others.

-Cheese them cautiously

True that cheese adds to the fat content but these also contain a great deal of calcium. You can pick from a variety of soft and hard cheese which have their particular benefits. Hard cheese is relatively low on fat so is a good option to add to your sandwich.