The Benefits of a Family Picnic

Remember those golden days when winters meant picnics? Well, yes it has been a while for all of us that we have gone out to a picnic with our family. Probably we have “grown up” way too much to enjoy the simple pleasure of going somewhere with your family and have a nice day out!

Spending time outside with your family would make you realize that you know less about what’s going on in the lives of your own family members and know more about your friends! Sure, you love your family and they are your priority- but don’t you think you will choose your buddies over your family to spend a day out with? How about revisiting those days of winter outings with just your family with delicious food and loads of potato chips on the way!

potato chips

I don’t think that’s a bad idea if we invest a little bit of time in our family. Research shows that a family picnic strengthens the bond between the members and encourages communication amongst the family. I don’t know if you know it, but it is a fact that a family picnic would de-stress you like you never thought! Beer with friends is a great way to unwind, but try chatting up with your family from somewhere far from your city and see the magical ways in which it relaxes you!

Not only you, your parents too need this kind of an outing and you may not always realize, but they crave your company! We owe this to our parents, if not anything else– quality time! So this winter, choose a location, pack your bags and go to some place far to that much needed getaway. Give your mom the break she deserves- stack up your food basket with yummy sandwiches and a bottle of Indian tomato sauce, fresh juice, and burgers and off you go! I vouch, it would be worth it!


Surprising Benefits of Tomato Ketchup!

We are never grown up enough to stop liking and licking tomato ketchup. As a child I remember I used to eat anything if I had tomato ketchup with it. Just about anything! Even rice. Crazy as it may sound; I still love ketchup like most us and I love to lick it off the plate when no one is seeing! And I have no shame in admitting that I do not like ketchup pouches served with various food items as condiments, to be wasted. Yes, I keep them with me if I have extra. But who knew our all-time favorite ketchup also beneficial to our body? Here’s a list of the benefits of ketchup, may you never stop liking it!


It is low in calories

In comparison to other condiments like that of mayo, tomato sauce has drastically lesser in calories. Mixing a spoonful or two to your dish can actually help you cut down your calorie intake!  If instead of two spoons of mayo you have two spoons of ketchup, you would save 1,190 calories weekly!

It is low in fats

What can be more satisfying than knowing what to love to eat is low in fat? Well tomato ketchup is! Indian tomato sauce contains almost zero fat, with less than 0.1 gram in each 1-tablespoon. This means it does not have any saturate fat which is harmful and often leads to cardiovascular issues and other health issues.  A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains 11 grams of fat which makes ketchup a better condiment option.

It is high in lycopene

I came to know that Lycopene is an ingredient in ketchup which makes it a healthy option over any available sauces. It is an anti-oxidant which is there in plenty in tomato sauce. It helps you fight the risk of stomach, prostrate, cervical, and lung cancers. It also keeps cholesterol level under check and generates the healthy cholesterols in the body. So a thumbs up to the ketchup suppliers of India; may we always have tomato ketchups in abundance!

Eat your Potato Chips Guilt Free

Crispy salty feather light fritters, divine as they may taste, aren’t something to be eaten every day. They are the favourite snack of the majority and a staple across the globe. However, a truckload full of calories are often sneaking inside every packet you tear open and devour. A mere 100 gm of chips that vanishes within seconds contains a whopping 600 calories. Now think of the mayonnaise sauce recipe and granny’s selection of sour cream and dips. That’s another dollop of calories loaded on each wafer. Moreover, the low satiating index makes it extremely light, and all your might to control the portions goes down the drain.

make-tartar-sauceSo, wouldn’t it be nice if you can get hold of a healthier version of it, which lets you sneak a few wafers even when on a diet guilt free. Well, with just a few ingredients, you can make your own. Homemade potato chips not only gives you perfect control on what you put in and what not, you can even customize the seasoning and it is free from preservative as well.

Potato-ChipsHere is a simple recipe:

Choose the potatoes

Buy some good quality locally grown potatoes as they are fresh and taste the best. Choose the bigger ones that are nice and healthy on the outside without any green pigmentations. The green ones have a peculiar taste that leave a bad aftertaste.

Cutting wafers

If the outer skin is too thick then peel it off or you can leave it intact as well. Clean them thoroughly if you have decided to keep the skin on. Now cut slices as thin or thick you would like them to be. You can cut them by hand but a more efficient way would be to use a slicer or a food processor as it would give you lighter chips with uniform thickness. Then keep the slices between tissues for a while to remove extra moisture.


Fry in small batches in preheated oil, preferably olive oil. Or drizzle a bit of cooking spray and bake them. Or if all this is too much of a nuisance for you, open a packet of Mrs. Bector food’s opera chips and enjoy.

For more recipes visit :

Easy To Make Pasta Recipes

With immense love for Italian food comes the elaborate precision and procedure of cooking these. With swelling schedules which forms the day, the cumbersome mayo sauce recipe in India or any other region becomes all the more difficult. Cooking an Italian food or for that matter any other region specific cuisine in another area is not possible while keenly observing the intricacies and sticking to the authentic taste at the same time. So here goes a list of quick-to-make pasta recipes which can any day be recreated in any part of the world.

Cremica - Homemade Chips

-Classic Macaroni and Cheese

This is certain that you are familiar to this ultimate comfort food. Toss some cooked macaroni with some melted cheese, pepper and salt and you have come up with some savoury platter to enjoy your meal. Garnish the same with healthy potato chips or anything that you like.

-Pasta Pakaro

Typically Indian as it sounds, the taste will take you on a free trip to Italy. Beat the approaching winters with this hot and spicy crispy snack. Coat the pasta in the batter of gram flour and add seasonings to taste. The last stage of cooking this involves deep frying the same and serving it with may be a cup of ginger tea for that complete authentic Indian taste.

-No Mayo Pasta Salad

Overflowing with the health of whole wheat rotini pasta, it is a splash of colours with exuberant Italian dressings. While the original recipe makes use of onions, tomato and cucumber, you can also add your additional flavours to it make it better with nutrition.

-Low Cal Fettuccine Alfredo

The low fat, thick noodles are great to taste and add newness to the existing varieties of food you consume. Abundant in low calorie, creamy cheese sauce with a twist in mayo sauce recipe in India the palate is perfect for just any occasion. To make it a complete portion, consider it serving with grilled lean meat and stir fried vegetables.

Cooking Made Easy

I am Nisha. When I was at mumma’s place, everyone would say that nishu…how would you adjust after marriage at husband’s place? Reason being I was the youngest at home, and my elder sisters would pamper me like a baby. All I did at home is eat, go to school/college, shopping and sleeping.

Cleaning, cooking, household stuff were like never there in my dictionary. It’s not that i wasn’t interested; it’s just that I had never done it. I would feel how difficult it is to cook different stuff every single day. Then, would satisfy myself with the answer that when we cannot eat same food every day, then how can same food be cooked every single day. I know, would sound stupid to some, but trust me, something that I would make me steal the deal is Kettle chips India.

Mrs. Bector's Cremica - kettle chips India

No matter what’s the time or day it is, anyone and everyone can have kettle chips India. This infact turned out to be a life saver for us. Now, when i say ‘us’, i mean it too. It’s been two months that i have got married. Post marriage, the both of us, I and my husband shifted to Bangalore.  Everything was perfect, but let’s get practical…honeymoon period is over. Dining at five star restaurants and getting pampered with lavishing luxuries is partially over. Now I had to fit-in to the bracket of ideal wife. Afterall, somewhere down the line, he would be expecting me to feed him good food. Initially, kettle chips came to rescue; I ensured that i bag off a few packs. He loved it too. Now, i also felt that i should be cooking good stuff; i scouted via online and came across many easy and healthy breakfast recipes.  Woee..I didn’t realize cooking is so much fun. Yes, honestly I faced difficulties in managing the apt sugar and salt contents, but things kept on going simpler as never before. Now, i can proudly say that i love cooking and can cook a whole different range of stuff as everyone.

Food For Thought: Kettle Chips

We have been brought up on deliciously crispy, thin, pale-yellow and exceedingly salty, potato chips, quite literally. And that’s quite an image that conjures up every time anybody mentions ‘crispy potato chips’. Because that’s exactly the way potato chips should be- subtle, and tasting only of potato and salt.

Or is it?Bector Food- Cremica- Crispy Potato Chips

Enter Kettle chips India. Defeating the usual standards for potato chips preparation, kettle chips are churned out in batches rather than at one go in a continuous flow machine. There were days when kettle chips were produced within four walls of the ‘mom’s kitchen’. Today, the innovation of the late has been channelled by commercial manufacturers and has been put to use for commercial dividends.

The ‘batch’ method is one of the major things that set kettle chips apart from the normal chips. The idea is to cook potato chips slowly under low heat and pressure settings. Presumably, the cooking process is carried out in a large kettle; whether a kettle is used always or not is a question of preference. Potato chips are cooked in small groups, huddled together from drying till frying process.

It’s hard to entertain the idea of gobbling down potato chips that don’t look like them at all, and that’s the problem with kettle chips. Thicker in texture and punctuated with potato peels to lend an unusual texture, kettle chips somehow don’t fit the bill. Unlike the normal potato chips, these are not doused in salt and have a golden-ish colour that is largely a result of the caramelization of natural sugars.

A flip side to the chips that have been infamously labelled ‘unusual chips’ have one great thing to offer- crunch. And crunch is something that we all pine for, isn’t it?

To some, the very texture ad semblance of kettle chips might be repulsive and odd, yet, that they are relatively healthier and offer a taste of the unconventional is good enough to have them tried.

Cook Light And Eat Even Lighter

A diet rich in nutrients and balanced well coupled with physical activities is no doubt the foundation of good health. While bad eating habits are detrimental to your health, good eating habits help you maintain significant health and fitness. For those concerned about the weight issues, eating healthy is the key. Healthy eating revolves around including high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, rich fats, vitamins, minerals and water in optimum quantities while minimizing the processed foods, saturated fats and alcohol. Eating in a controlled and smart manner assists the body to function smoothly and reduces the risk to various diseases. But what if an expert advices you some easy sandwich recipes to aid you in eating healthy?!

Cremica  -  Pizza Pasta Sauce

Yes a sandwich which is healthy, mouth-wateringly delicious and makes you full!

While many think sandwiches are ideal for lunch and other light eats, the versatility which they have offer make them great for dinner too. Healthy-toppings on wheat-grain bread with a tangy sauce like a pizza pasta sauce complete and compensates for all your nutritional requirements. Here is how you can prepare a healthy sandwich:

-Healthy Bread Please!

Though white bread in moderate quantities is healthy but you can also choose from high-fibre whole wheat bread, multi-grain bread or high protein bread.

-Look for high-quality protein

The nutritional requirements of an individual vary from others and may depend on factors like sex, age and region. In addition to this the taste and flavors also differ from person to person. All you need to do is consider the taste and requirements. Blend these two well and you have discovered for yourself, your own personalized easy sandwich recipe. For good proteins you may pick from turkey, chicken, ham, hummus, peanut butter, cashew butter, tuna fish salad and chicken salad amongst others.

-Cheese them cautiously

True that cheese adds to the fat content but these also contain a great deal of calcium. You can pick from a variety of soft and hard cheese which have their particular benefits. Hard cheese is relatively low on fat so is a good option to add to your sandwich.