The Benefits of a Family Picnic

Remember those golden days when winters meant picnics? Well, yes it has been a while for all of us that we have gone out to a picnic with our family. Probably we have “grown up” way too much to enjoy the simple pleasure of going somewhere with your family and have a nice day out!

Spending time outside with your family would make you realize that you know less about what’s going on in the lives of your own family members and know more about your friends! Sure, you love your family and they are your priority- but don’t you think you will choose your buddies over your family to spend a day out with? How about revisiting those days of winter outings with just your family with delicious food and loads of potato chips on the way!

potato chips

I don’t think that’s a bad idea if we invest a little bit of time in our family. Research shows that a family picnic strengthens the bond between the members and encourages communication amongst the family. I don’t know if you know it, but it is a fact that a family picnic would de-stress you like you never thought! Beer with friends is a great way to unwind, but try chatting up with your family from somewhere far from your city and see the magical ways in which it relaxes you!

Not only you, your parents too need this kind of an outing and you may not always realize, but they crave your company! We owe this to our parents, if not anything else– quality time! So this winter, choose a location, pack your bags and go to some place far to that much needed getaway. Give your mom the break she deserves- stack up your food basket with yummy sandwiches and a bottle of Indian tomato sauce, fresh juice, and burgers and off you go! I vouch, it would be worth it!


Yummy Home-made Tomato Sauce

We all harbor a devilish longing for tomato ketchup. It is involuntary how we reach for the bottle or the sachet while eating French fries or pakodas. It has become a custom to serve the typical Indian tomato sauce along with snacks to guests. The taste is transformed into a heavenly bite of something instantly.

We can always take a break from the traditional ketchup suppliers of India by making it ourselves at home! Although the taste may differ, but I can assure it is a different level of yummy! Here’s how you can try it at home:

sauces in pouches

Chop tomatoes and garlic into fine pieces and blend then in the grinder for about 3 minutes. Now take out the mixture and cook it well in about half a liter of water and add salt, black pepper, red chilies and sugar according to your taste and quantity.

This mixture needs to be cooked well and continuously stirred from time to time. When the mixture becomes a thick one, add vinegar to it. You can add a few more spices according your taste, but generally this is it all it takes to make a spicy and tango tomato ketchup.

Before pouring it down into a container, make sure it is cool. Store preferably in a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator so that you can use it whenever you want to. This sauce goes fabulously with all kinds of Indian snacks like that of samosa, and pakoda. Apart from that you can have it with any other item and this can be an accompanying condiment with that dish- it tastes equally delicious!

So while we would still keep on secretly smuggling tomato ketchups from hotels and restaurants, we can also have a jar of home-made tomato ketchup in store for us when we crave some more!

Why Fats Can Be Necessary at Times?

People nowadays are extremely careful of what they eat, how much calories, or fats it has, how it was made and more. They are very cautious of what they put inside their body and the food industry is realising the growing market in this health cautious public and using this factor to introduce new and unique types of products that are made all natural, fat free and low calorie and more.

But, what people do not realise is that just because a product says its fat free doesn’t necessarily means that its healthy, it also doesn’t mean it’s not healthy, but just looking at the label is not enough. One needs to properly read though the whole thing, see if this is something they require, based on their current diet, one should figure out what is it they are lacking or what they are overdoing, and then after making sure that one has thought of all this, should they make a decision on what to purchase.

Also, many times, people think that just cutting off all fats and calorie diet can turn one to be fit. That is a very grave misconception most have, that is not true. For instance, many think mayonnaise sauce is bad for health, and although that is true, but if one takes it in moderation then like any other food item, mayonnaise can also make a drab meal enjoyable. Mayonnaise is high in fat, but not saturate fat, so if taken in small portion and not included in the regular diet, then it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
Another misconception if of salad dressing in India especially. People think salad dressing has to be plain and boring and tasteless, but that is not the case. Healthy ingredients and perhaps even fruits and exotic oils and flours can be added to give it enough taste so that the salad doesn’t remain bland.

Why Do We Love Sandwiches?

What do you think when someone mentions ‘sandwich’? Like most people, I am sure your mouth must be watering too! There are so many types of sandwiches and we relish almost all of them! It is our favourite, doesn’t matter we eat as our meal, as a snack or munch it all the time! Here are a few reasons why we all love sandwiches, I am sure you all will relate to it.
The variety

Aren’t we all spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing sandwiches? There are so many kinds of sandwich available! Vegetarians love it, non vegetarians gorge on sandwiches with fillings of meat and chicken! The variety just leaves us craving for more and each time we try something our taste buds crave for more, and we end up trying some other variety the next time! There are places which serve sandwiches from different parts of the world, and they are heavenly!

Easy to make

The internet is flooded with easy sandwich recipes, DIY sandwich recipes which are super easy to make. For people like me, who can barely cook anything, sandwiches act as a rescue to my kitchen ignorance. I can make something or the other with loaves of bread and make a sandwich out of it! Not only this, it is easy for people who are in a hurry and do not have enough time to cook. A sandwich is the best possible option where you can just make it and pack it, and eat it on the go!


Health conscious people like sandwiches as they are filling and healthy. Sandwiches call for a good amount of vegetables which automatically increases the heath quotient of the sandwich. Most of the mayo sauce recipes in India are for sandwiches. A good spread of mayo is good to go with any salad. Healthy and tasty, sandwiches are the best option for a quick bite when really hungry, and we oh-so-love it!

Mayonnaise kills the lice

A pizza-guy a day keep the sadness away! He has the ability to instantly make brighten us up even on a boring day.

And we can’t thank the food service in India enough for the popularity of the food delivery mechanism. The pizza on the door is the idea of the perfect day and the dips of cheese and mayonnaise are just like the cherries on the cake!

One day I tried to use mayonnaise dip not as food but something else that I had read somewhere about, and here’s what I found out- it  can indeed be used for hair lice treatment. For me, it turned out to be beneficial so let me enlighten you about it!homemade mayonnaise on white background

• What does a mayonnaise sauce recipe contain?

A mayonnaise sauce recipe contains four main ingredients which are: oil, vinegar, egg yolk and lemon juice. The commercial mayonnaise cups contain about 70-85% fat and these ingredients are good at fighting lice.

• How does a mayonnaise help in treatment?

If you’re a science student, you’d understand this- Oil has viscosity properties and hence, it helps in suffocating lice and nymphs. If you’re not a science student, you need not worry about the technicalities. Just know that it does help!

• How to use mayonnaise on head?

Apply mayonnaise on head and keep it overnight, or for 8 hours. Then, use shampoo to wash it off. You would see multiple dead lice on the floor. Repeat the process for a better result. Use a high fat mayonnaise for the process because low amount of oil may not be enough!

• Does mayonnaise also kill lice eggs?

The oil in the mayonnaise works on lice whereas the vinegar and lemon juice work on their eggs. While mayonnaise is not that effective in killing live lice eggs, I suggest that you still give it a try. Something is better than nothing and killing lice is a good start!

Why Dips are so Tasty

The one thing that can be used to put taste in even the most drab of food items, like seasoned vegetables or breads or anything for that matter, are delicious dips. Yes, dips can be used to just instantly brighten up any dish, since they are able to add in the essential taste needed with the help of various sauces and other ingredients in it.

Sometimes guests can come over without prior notice and that is when these dips come in handy, one can just serve some chips and dip and voila instant snacks ready. Also, for kids serving snacks with dip is one of the easiest things to do.

The mayo sauce recipe in India is quickly catching on with the young crowd with most of them reaching for a jar of mayo or a combination of mayo with another sauce to keep in their fridge. For a party or a get together is acts brilliantly in keeping everyone satisfied.

And the list does not just end at mayo, one can also use pizza pasta sauce, as a dip. If one is out of salsa, then the pizza pasta sauce can work as wonderful alternative. And yes, these sauces usually have multiple uses, especially such kind of sauces can be used to make both a pizza or a pasta, or can even be had on its own.

The best part about this current trend of dips is that not only can they be had as condiments but also be used when preparing the dish, in the initial stages. And their versatile nature lets one use as much or as little as one wants or if they really want to get creative then even create a mash up of different sauces.

Breakfast Made Easy

Let’s face it, as a generation fighting against the clock every single day, we neither have the time nor the energy to expend on coming up with recipes for healthy breakfasts on a daily basis. But well, that’s what the Internet is for! You might not be able to sit with a cookbook and scout out recipes, but you surely have the time to scroll through a quick blog online, am I right?

So, sit back, rest easy, and check out these easy and healthy breakfast recipes that you can readily incorporate into your daily lives.


•    Waffles with Peanut Butter and Raisins: While maple syrup might sound alluring, who doesn’t enjoy a good dose of peanut butter? Spread peanut butter over waffles, and top it off with some raisins for that perfectly balanced, fibre and protein-rich breakfast!

•    Fruit and Cheese: Slice some apples, cube some Cheddar, throw in some walnuts, and voila! It’s hardly going to take a couple of minutes to assemble, and it’s super healthy! Surely this has got the be one of the most easy and healthy breakfast recipes you could have thought of!

•    Strawberry Shake: For a really healthy but equally delicious shake, combine a pack of strawberry instant-breakfast powder with a glass of soymilk, and some fibre-rich banana in a blender.

•    Breakfast Pizza: You’re definitely going to love this one! Grab a few slices of bread, and spread some ricotta (preferably low-fat!). Top it off with a few sliced tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. You could eat them with a dollop of Indian tomato sauce or just as is.

•    Egg Sandwich: Toast bread, sauté some spinach and layer up, add a slice of cheese and top it off with fried eggs, salt and pepper. Easy as can be!

And if you don’t have the time for even these easy recipes, then just grab a nutrition bar on your way out for a healthy start to the day!