The Benefits of a Family Picnic

Remember those golden days when winters meant picnics? Well, yes it has been a while for all of us that we have gone out to a picnic with our family. Probably we have “grown up” way too much to enjoy the simple pleasure of going somewhere with your family and have a nice day out!

Spending time outside with your family would make you realize that you know less about what’s going on in the lives of your own family members and know more about your friends! Sure, you love your family and they are your priority- but don’t you think you will choose your buddies over your family to spend a day out with? How about revisiting those days of winter outings with just your family with delicious food and loads of potato chips on the way!

potato chips

I don’t think that’s a bad idea if we invest a little bit of time in our family. Research shows that a family picnic strengthens the bond between the members and encourages communication amongst the family. I don’t know if you know it, but it is a fact that a family picnic would de-stress you like you never thought! Beer with friends is a great way to unwind, but try chatting up with your family from somewhere far from your city and see the magical ways in which it relaxes you!

Not only you, your parents too need this kind of an outing and you may not always realize, but they crave your company! We owe this to our parents, if not anything else– quality time! So this winter, choose a location, pack your bags and go to some place far to that much needed getaway. Give your mom the break she deserves- stack up your food basket with yummy sandwiches and a bottle of Indian tomato sauce, fresh juice, and burgers and off you go! I vouch, it would be worth it!


Yummy Home-made Tomato Sauce

We all harbor a devilish longing for tomato ketchup. It is involuntary how we reach for the bottle or the sachet while eating French fries or pakodas. It has become a custom to serve the typical Indian tomato sauce along with snacks to guests. The taste is transformed into a heavenly bite of something instantly.

We can always take a break from the traditional ketchup suppliers of India by making it ourselves at home! Although the taste may differ, but I can assure it is a different level of yummy! Here’s how you can try it at home:

sauces in pouches

Chop tomatoes and garlic into fine pieces and blend then in the grinder for about 3 minutes. Now take out the mixture and cook it well in about half a liter of water and add salt, black pepper, red chilies and sugar according to your taste and quantity.

This mixture needs to be cooked well and continuously stirred from time to time. When the mixture becomes a thick one, add vinegar to it. You can add a few more spices according your taste, but generally this is it all it takes to make a spicy and tango tomato ketchup.

Before pouring it down into a container, make sure it is cool. Store preferably in a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator so that you can use it whenever you want to. This sauce goes fabulously with all kinds of Indian snacks like that of samosa, and pakoda. Apart from that you can have it with any other item and this can be an accompanying condiment with that dish- it tastes equally delicious!

So while we would still keep on secretly smuggling tomato ketchups from hotels and restaurants, we can also have a jar of home-made tomato ketchup in store for us when we crave some more!