Breakfast Made Easy

Let’s face it, as a generation fighting against the clock every single day, we neither have the time nor the energy to expend on coming up with recipes for healthy breakfasts on a daily basis. But well, that’s what the Internet is for! You might not be able to sit with a cookbook and scout out recipes, but you surely have the time to scroll through a quick blog online, am I right?

So, sit back, rest easy, and check out these easy and healthy breakfast recipes that you can readily incorporate into your daily lives.


•    Waffles with Peanut Butter and Raisins: While maple syrup might sound alluring, who doesn’t enjoy a good dose of peanut butter? Spread peanut butter over waffles, and top it off with some raisins for that perfectly balanced, fibre and protein-rich breakfast!

•    Fruit and Cheese: Slice some apples, cube some Cheddar, throw in some walnuts, and voila! It’s hardly going to take a couple of minutes to assemble, and it’s super healthy! Surely this has got the be one of the most easy and healthy breakfast recipes you could have thought of!

•    Strawberry Shake: For a really healthy but equally delicious shake, combine a pack of strawberry instant-breakfast powder with a glass of soymilk, and some fibre-rich banana in a blender.

•    Breakfast Pizza: You’re definitely going to love this one! Grab a few slices of bread, and spread some ricotta (preferably low-fat!). Top it off with a few sliced tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. You could eat them with a dollop of Indian tomato sauce or just as is.

•    Egg Sandwich: Toast bread, sauté some spinach and layer up, add a slice of cheese and top it off with fried eggs, salt and pepper. Easy as can be!

And if you don’t have the time for even these easy recipes, then just grab a nutrition bar on your way out for a healthy start to the day!


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