Amazing Pizza facts!

So, it is no doubt that Pizzas are a hot favourite among today’s youngsters! No birthday party is complete without those pizza boxes in the house, or if you have friends like me, all you need on a birthday is a pizza and a beer! While my dad argues that it’s just bread and meat, I beg to differ! It’s so much more than that! Its lie your foodgasm! It is hot cheesy Mozarella, topped with juicy meat and fresh jalapenos and olives, baked to perfection! I am sure all will agree!

We Indians have a habit of domesticating everything! From chowmein to momos, we have seen an Indian variety to it all, so how can pizza be left behind? The amazing pizza pasta sauce recipe in the market has taught home-makers how to make affordable and healthy pizza at home.

But, Pizza is also famous for many other things! Not a clue? Read along:

•    The word “Pizza” first came forward in 997 AD:

The term appeared in a Latin text from the southern Italian town of Gaeta in 997 AD. The text said that a tenant of a certain property was supposed to give the bishop of Gaeta “duodecim pizze,” or twelve pizzas, every Christmas day, and another twelve on Easter Sunday.

•    The most expensive pizza is for $12000:

A creation of Chef Viola, Pizza Louis XIII (pizza) cost a whopping $12000 dollars. If you ever order it, the preparation takes place at your home, under the guidance of a sommelier, a sous chef, and chef Viola himself. Toppings for the pizza include three types of caviar, red prawns, Mediterranean lobster, and sea cicada.

•    In 2011, Pizza was considered a vegetable by the government:

In 2011, a serving of pizza containing at least two tablespoons of tomato sauce actually met those vegetable requirements.

Italian cuisine is no doubt one of the most popular cuisines in India. Along with the pizzas and pastas, the mayonnaise sauce recipe too has caught the fancy of many like me!


Surprising Benefits of Tomato Ketchup!

We are never grown up enough to stop liking and licking tomato ketchup. As a child I remember I used to eat anything if I had tomato ketchup with it. Just about anything! Even rice. Crazy as it may sound; I still love ketchup like most us and I love to lick it off the plate when no one is seeing! And I have no shame in admitting that I do not like ketchup pouches served with various food items as condiments, to be wasted. Yes, I keep them with me if I have extra. But who knew our all-time favorite ketchup also beneficial to our body? Here’s a list of the benefits of ketchup, may you never stop liking it!


It is low in calories

In comparison to other condiments like that of mayo, tomato sauce has drastically lesser in calories. Mixing a spoonful or two to your dish can actually help you cut down your calorie intake!  If instead of two spoons of mayo you have two spoons of ketchup, you would save 1,190 calories weekly!

It is low in fats

What can be more satisfying than knowing what to love to eat is low in fat? Well tomato ketchup is! Indian tomato sauce contains almost zero fat, with less than 0.1 gram in each 1-tablespoon. This means it does not have any saturate fat which is harmful and often leads to cardiovascular issues and other health issues.  A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains 11 grams of fat which makes ketchup a better condiment option.

It is high in lycopene

I came to know that Lycopene is an ingredient in ketchup which makes it a healthy option over any available sauces. It is an anti-oxidant which is there in plenty in tomato sauce. It helps you fight the risk of stomach, prostrate, cervical, and lung cancers. It also keeps cholesterol level under check and generates the healthy cholesterols in the body. So a thumbs up to the ketchup suppliers of India; may we always have tomato ketchups in abundance!