Eat your Potato Chips Guilt Free

Crispy salty feather light fritters, divine as they may taste, aren’t something to be eaten every day. They are the favourite snack of the majority and a staple across the globe. However, a truckload full of calories are often sneaking inside every packet you tear open and devour. A mere 100 gm of chips that vanishes within seconds contains a whopping 600 calories. Now think of the mayonnaise sauce recipe and granny’s selection of sour cream and dips. That’s another dollop of calories loaded on each wafer. Moreover, the low satiating index makes it extremely light, and all your might to control the portions goes down the drain.

make-tartar-sauceSo, wouldn’t it be nice if you can get hold of a healthier version of it, which lets you sneak a few wafers even when on a diet guilt free. Well, with just a few ingredients, you can make your own. Homemade potato chips not only gives you perfect control on what you put in and what not, you can even customize the seasoning and it is free from preservative as well.

Potato-ChipsHere is a simple recipe:

Choose the potatoes

Buy some good quality locally grown potatoes as they are fresh and taste the best. Choose the bigger ones that are nice and healthy on the outside without any green pigmentations. The green ones have a peculiar taste that leave a bad aftertaste.

Cutting wafers

If the outer skin is too thick then peel it off or you can leave it intact as well. Clean them thoroughly if you have decided to keep the skin on. Now cut slices as thin or thick you would like them to be. You can cut them by hand but a more efficient way would be to use a slicer or a food processor as it would give you lighter chips with uniform thickness. Then keep the slices between tissues for a while to remove extra moisture.


Fry in small batches in preheated oil, preferably olive oil. Or drizzle a bit of cooking spray and bake them. Or if all this is too much of a nuisance for you, open a packet of Mrs. Bector food’s opera chips and enjoy.

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