Easy To Make Pasta Recipes

With immense love for Italian food comes the elaborate precision and procedure of cooking these. With swelling schedules which forms the day, the cumbersome mayo sauce recipe in India or any other region becomes all the more difficult. Cooking an Italian food or for that matter any other region specific cuisine in another area is not possible while keenly observing the intricacies and sticking to the authentic taste at the same time. So here goes a list of quick-to-make pasta recipes which can any day be recreated in any part of the world.

Cremica - Homemade Chips

-Classic Macaroni and Cheese

This is certain that you are familiar to this ultimate comfort food. Toss some cooked macaroni with some melted cheese, pepper and salt and you have come up with some savoury platter to enjoy your meal. Garnish the same with healthy potato chips or anything that you like.

-Pasta Pakaro

Typically Indian as it sounds, the taste will take you on a free trip to Italy. Beat the approaching winters with this hot and spicy crispy snack. Coat the pasta in the batter of gram flour and add seasonings to taste. The last stage of cooking this involves deep frying the same and serving it with may be a cup of ginger tea for that complete authentic Indian taste.

-No Mayo Pasta Salad

Overflowing with the health of whole wheat rotini pasta, it is a splash of colours with exuberant Italian dressings. While the original recipe makes use of onions, tomato and cucumber, you can also add your additional flavours to it make it better with nutrition.

-Low Cal Fettuccine Alfredo

The low fat, thick noodles are great to taste and add newness to the existing varieties of food you consume. Abundant in low calorie, creamy cheese sauce with a twist in mayo sauce recipe in India the palate is perfect for just any occasion. To make it a complete portion, consider it serving with grilled lean meat and stir fried vegetables.


Cooking Made Easy

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